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Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey by Chuck Palahniuk

Rant tells the story of Buster "Rant" Casey through reminisces of his friends after his death. Rant was the type of person who wanted to feel life was real and authentic. As a teenager, he used to allow animals and insects bite him in an attempt to catch rabies. He tries to pass rabies by kissing women, eventually earning the moniker "kissing killer." He moved to a big city and continued his attempt to create an epidemic. He joined a group called Party Crashers, who crashed cars into each other to heighten their sense of being alive. His friends come together after his tragic death to tell the story of his short, but intense, life. Chuck Palahniuk's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Los Angeles Times saying, "Chuck Palahniuk's eighth novel is frantic, inventive, sporadically insightful and frequently sickening. His fans will love it; those of you who are not part of the Chuckgeist may find Rant tough to savor."
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