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Reader, I Married Him by Michele Roberts

In Reader, I Married Him, Aurora is a woman widowed three times. With each marriage, she fashioned herself into a woman to compliment her husband's lifestyle. Now that she's on her own, she finds herself struggling to know who she really is. She goes to northern Italy to spend time with her best friend, a radical feminist abbess of a convent. Aurora's stepmother and a few of the parish priests follow her. Aurora's appetite for food and sex is tempted in Italy and she begins to fancy Father Michael. Events begin to take on a surreal quality as there's a plot against the bishop, Father Michael seems to be something other than he seems, and the true nature of Aurora begins to emerge. Michele Roberts novel has received positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "This is Shirley Valentine meets Room with a View: an eccentric and enjoyable romp to take to Italy and savour."
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