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Real by Stephanie Merritt

Real is the name of the play written by 29-year old Sally McGinley. She's lived a bohemian life on her own terms, but now finds herself wanting more, including the success which has eluded her. The leading man in her play is Greg Burns, 44, and unhappy in a long-term relationship which has given him a daughter. He longs for Sally's lifestyle and staying in London during the week to rehearse for the play affords him the opportunity. He and Sally fall into an affair, one Greg assumes comes with no strings attached, since he has no intention of leaving his suburban family. When Sally gets pregnant, and finds she wants to keep the child, their sexual distraction becomes a reality they can't deny. and threatens to upend both of their worlds. Real has received mostly positive reviews with The Observer saying, "With robust honesty, Merritt takes on the conflicts that we often shy away from: marriage is both a place of safety and a trap; infidelity is an adventure and yet a facile escape; children are shining delights and, at the same time, a life sentence. Her triumph is to be so indomitably fierce and yet so readable and so funny and so frank."
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