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Remember Me by Trezza Azzopardi

Remember Me tells the story of a 72-year old vagrant named Winnie. While living in an abandoned flat, a young girl steals the box that contains all of Winnie's possessions. As she goes in search of what little she owns, she also recollects her past that led to her life as a bag lady. Known by various names throughout her life, from the time she was a young girl, Winnie has suffered a life of loss and abandonment, and sometimes violence. Trezza Azzopardi's story of a woman forgotten by the rest of the world explores the dignity that exists within every individual. Remember Me has received mostly positive reviews with the Sunday Herald saying, "This is an often brutal novel that provides both a cerebral and an emotional treat, not something you come across every day. The fuss that fell on Azzopardi with her Booker-nominated debut has not been misplaced; four years later, she has produced another remarkable tale."
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Trezza Azzopardi
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