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Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman

In Retribution, Chloe Larson is a New York law student who is raped and left to die by a man in a clown mask. She survives, changes her name and becomes an assistant district attorney in Miami. One day, she recognizes the voice of her attacker in the court room, a man charged with a series of rapes and murders of women. The statute of limitations has run out on her attack, and if she identifies him as her attacker, she'll be taken off the case. Chloe must prosecute the man and get to the bottom of the murders without giving herself away. Retribution is Jilliane Hoffman's debut novel and has received mixed reviews (and has already been optioned for a movie). The San Francisco Chronicle says, "Readers will see every plot point coming a mile off. Yet Hoffman executes them almost flawlessly, making Retribution a highly satisfying read."
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San Francisco Chronicle review by David Lazarus reviews by Joe Hartlaub and Bethanne Kelly Patrick

Jilliane Hoffman
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