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The River Wife by Jonis Agee

The River Wife moves back and forth between the 1930s and over a century earlier. In 1930 Hedie Rails comes to Missouri to marry Clement Ducharme. Soon after she's pregnant and alone most of the time in the Ducharme homestead as Clement is away constantly. Hedie suspects he has other women and is involved in thieving. Hedie uncovers a series of journals that detail much of the Ducharme history. Clement's grandfather, Jacques, was a fur trader and river pirate. He rescued Annie Lark from flood waters and took her as his wife. Annie soon felt discarded by Jacques for piracy and other women. Reading this, Hedie begins to suspect that history is repeating itself, and becomes uneasy when she learns of Annie's fate. Jonis Agee's novel has received positive reviews with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch saying, "It is clear that The River Wife, more than any of Agee's previous work, is the novel most likely to bump this enjoyable writer from the respectable circle of "award-winning" authors to the quit-your-day-job arena of best-sellers."
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Jonis Agee
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