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Scribbling the Cat by Alexandra Fuller

Scribbling the Cat is Alexandra Fuller's memoir about her friendship with a white veteran of the Rhodesian War she calls K. Although her father warned her to stay clear of him ("Curiosity scribbled the cat," he tells her), Fuller finds K a most interesting man. K is a tough and feral man, and she travels with him back to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) while he revisits his memories of a brutal war while he fought against black freedom. Now a born-again Christian, K is haunted by the blood on his hands and sensitive enough to cry over failed romances. Scribbling the Cat is a journey through the life of a country and a man both scarred by their shared past and this book has received mostly positive, although, mixed reviews. The Rocky Mountain News says, "Fuller is at her prosaic best here. Her rich and distinct dialect resonates from the first page of this book, as does the hardship of the African people."
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Alexandra Fuller
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