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The Seance by John Harwood

The Seance is set in Victorian England where Constance Langton lives with her distant father and a mother who has never recovered from the death of her infant daughter. Constance suspects that she's a foundling, but she takes her mother to a seance to hear from the infant in the afterlife. It ends with disaster, though. Soon after, Constance becomes the heir to a mansion in Suffolk, but the family lawyer advises her to sell it unseen or burn it down immediately. This moves the narrative about the haunting of the hall and the tragic events that occurred a lifetime ago, but Constance needs to understand it to salvage her life in the present. John Harwood's ghost story has received positive reviews with the London Times saying, "Wilkie Collins would be proud: this is a Victorian world of mesmerism and spirits, vapours and delirium, doomed inheritances, shivering maids and spooky visitations in the night."
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John Harwood
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