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The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat by Bob Woodward

The Secret Man, Bob Woodward's Deep Throat source during Watergate, is now known to be ex-FBI official W. Mark Felt. Woodward doesn't reveal much in the way of new hard facts about the Watergate investigation, but in The Secret Man, he chronicles the history of his relationship with Felt. It began with a chance meeting in the White House when Woodward was a naval officer, but the ambitious Woodward was constantly adding contacts to his network that would follow him to his reporting career at the Washington Post. When the Watergate story broke, Felt was one of the first people Woodward called. Woodward was desperate for any information and Felt wanted to get the truth out while protecting his identity. Their initial exchanges of bits and pieces of the story soon gave way to a trusting partnership that eventually led to the downfall of a president. Once Woodward began to understand the whole story, he knew early on that it would lead to Nixon's removal from office, but to this day, he doesn't know Felt's motivation for feeding him information. The Secret Man has received mixed reviews with USA Today saying, "It's fascinating and frustrating, revealing and disingenuous, self-critical and self-serving."
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