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Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian

Secrets of Eden is set in a small Vermont town. The same day its minister, Rev. Stephen Drew, baptizes Alice Hayward, she returns to her abusive husband, George, who murders her, and then apparently takes his own life. Stephen suffers a crisis of faith and blames himself for not preventing the tragedy. Heather Laurent, a writer of inspirational books about angels, comes to Vermont to help Stephen deal with his own crisis. Heather is also a survivor of her parents' murder-suicide, so she thinks she can help the Hayward's teenage daughter, Katie. State's Attorney Catherine Benincasa, however, is not convinced that George took his own life. Chris Bohjalian's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the USA Today saying, "In Secrets of Eden, the old saw that none of us knows what really goes on in a house when the shades are drawn rings chillingly true."
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Chris Bohjalian
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