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Seeing by Jose Saramago

Seeing is set in an unnamed capital city, where election day begins in a driving rainstorm and nobody shows up to vote. When the rain stops in the afternoon, the government leaders are relieved when the populace rush out to vote. When more than two-thirds of the ballots are found to be blank, the government orders a new election where even more ballots are returned blank. All of the political parties try to spin this blank revolution to their advantage, but the government decides it must take action. It builds a wall around the city and begins to turns on its citizens who were audacious to treat it with apathy. Jose Saramago's novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "He has written a novel that says more about the days we are living in than any book I have read. He writes with wit, with heartbreaking dignity, and with the simplicity of a great artist in full control of his art. Let us listen to a true elder of our people, a man of tears, a man of wisdom."
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Jose Saramago
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