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The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller

In The Senator's Wife, Meri is a newlywed woman in her 30s who has just moved to a New England college town where her husband is a professor. She takes a job and soon finds out she's pregnant. While trying to cope with all the changes in her life, she strikes up a friendship with a neighbor, Delia. Delia is the estranged wife of a U.S. senator known for his philandering. She divides her time between New England and Paris while her husband lives in Washington. While house-sitting for Delia, Meri does some snooping and learns a lot more about Delia's married life than she should. It raises questions about her own marriage. Sue Miller's novel has received positive reviews with the Rocky Mountain News saying, "The novel is a fast and fascinating read, a provocative look at the construction of the American family and the institution of marriage. Miller's characters are haunting, their actions unforgettable."
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Sue Miller
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