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Senseless by Paul Golding

Senseless revolves around George, a gay man in London in the 1980s, and the men most important in his life, his brother Kelly and his best friend Matt. George leads a depraved and hedonistic lifestyle, experimenting with shocking and perverse sexual pleasures. His life is a paean to the senses (and the book is divided into five sections, one for each of the senses). Both Kelly and Matt contract AIDS, and George accompanies a blind Matt to Venice for a last trip before he dies. Matt's death, the center of the novel and now the center of George's life, devastates him, leaving him with a case of survivor's guilt and diving headlong into even more obscene depravities. Paul Golding's novel, shocking and raw, will leave many reader's stomachs turned, and it has received mixed reviews. The Telegraph says, "But in a book notable for its outlandish beauty, as well as its understanding of sickened senses, it is the bludgeoning emotional honesty that is most shocking of all."
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