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The Seymour Tapes by Tim Lott

The Seymour Tapes concerns the death of Dr. Alex Seymour. His life had been unraveling. He suspected his wife, Samantha, of infidelity, his nanny of theft, and his daughter of becoming too cozy with her boyfriend. A drunken kiss with his nurse could make things worse when she threatens to tell his wife. To spy on his family, he installed hidden cameras all over the house, storing their images on tapes in the attic. After his death, Samantha decides to hire a journalist to try to set the story straight. The journalist, named Tim Lott, tells the story as a series of transcripts with Samantha, but he may be just the next victim of her manipulation. The Seymour Tapes has received mixed reviews with The Telegraph saying, "Lott's basic urge is a noble one: to salvage and burnish the 'truths' of fiction by distancing them from the truer-seeming lies of television. For all its narrative tricks and half-truths, this book is a hundred times more honest than anything you will see on the box tonight."
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