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Shade by Neil Jordan

The title of Neil Jordan's fourth novel, Shade, refers to the ghostly presence of its narrator, Nina Hardy, who begins by recounting her murder by her childhood friend, George. As a lonely child of mismatched parents who lived in an estate along a estuary of the Boyne River, Nina often played with the less well-to-do George and his sister as a child. George was infatuated with Nina, but she was likewise smitten with her half-brother, Gregory. George and Gregory enlist in World War I, together, and Nina leaves for London to become an actress. Nina, as a ghost, moves back and forth in time and from place to place to tell the story of this troubled threesome, and how her return to her old house brought about her death. Shade has received mixed reviews for its story of misplaced love with the Sunday Herald calling it a "beautiful, multilayered novel."
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Neil Jordan
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