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Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson

Shadow Divers tells the true story of two men, John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, who dive in deep water where everything seems hidden in shadows. They discover a World War II German U-boat sunk off the coast of New Jersey. In their attempt to identify the submarine, they discover neither American and German records mention a sub sunk off the Jersey coast. Although, they once disliked each other immensely, Chatterton and Kohler becomes friends and partners in their search to find the true story of the sub and its crew. It's an endeavor that will take years, cost the lives of several divers and both of their marriages, and ultimately fill in missing pages of history. Shadow Divers is a true adventure story being compared to Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm and has received glowing reviews. The New York Times says, "The story told in Robert Kurson's new book features undersea thrills, a gripping mystery, incredible discoveries, true-blue friendship, life-or-death crises and history unfolding before the reader's eyes. In terms of finding the right material, writers of adventure nonfiction just don't get any luckier than this. Shadow Divers would work on those ingredients alone. But it also happens to be written with great you-are-there intensity and dynamic verve."
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Robert Kurson
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