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Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich

In Shadow Tag, Irene America keeps two diaries. The first she knows her husband, Gil, finds and reads in his attempt to know her better and save their marriage. She fills this diary with lies and falsehoods to manipulate his emotions. The second diary, which holds the truth about her actions and emotions, stays in a safety deposit box. Irene wants a divorce and Gil wants to stay together, and together they're deluded that they can keep this stress and unhappiness from affecting their three children. Theirs is a marriage of love and hate, power struggles, and, with the fictitious diary, secrets and lies. Louise Erdrich's novel has received positive reviews with the Boston Globe saying, "Readers who seek parallels in authors' novels and lives may turn thoughtful at the book's extraordinary, metaphor-rich ending, which, while organic and (retrospectively) inevitable, still stuns, and breaks your heart. For decades, publicists and blurb writers have tried to hawk books by claiming they are 'literary page-turners.' Shadow Tag is the real thing - a fast-paced novel of exceptional artistic, intellectual, and psychological merit."
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Louise Erdrich
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