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A Shortcut in Time by Charles Dickinson

In A Shortcut in Time, Josh Winkler is a seldom employed artist, husband to a doctor and father of a daughter. Running home through a rainstorm one day he finds that he's somehow been transported 15 minutes into the past. The incident only makes the townspeople think Josh is weird and strains relationships within his family. When a young girl arrives out of nowhere and claims to be from the year 1908, only Josh believes her. This his daughter disappears and Josh realizes she's been sent back to the year 1918 just before the flu pandemic. With his present-day life falling apart around him, Josh must go back to the past to save his daughter. The Chicago-Sun Times says of A Shortcut in Time, "It is about time travel, but it is at its heart about much more: It probes everyone's wish to rewrite their past, questioning the moral and emotional implications beyond that simple human impulse."
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Charles Dickinson
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