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Sight Hound by Pam Houston

The Sight Hound of this novel's title is Dante, a three-legged Irish wolfhound who is dying from cancer. He's also one of the narrators of the novel. Another narrator is his beloved owner, Rae, and Dante sees that his final task is to help Rae find a good man to replace the love and companionship she'll lose when Dante dies. Dante figures that man should be Howard, an anxiety-ridden actor who has as many emotional issues as Rae does. Dante also affects the lives of other people in Rae's life, from Rae's therapist, her ranch manager. and her veterinarians. Oh, and Stanley the cat. Pam Houston's novel of the bonds of love, whether between humans and their pets or between people, has received positive reviews. The Miami Herald says, "It's a poignant and joyous novel, a tear-jerker certain to appeal to those of us who suspect, foolishly or intuitively, that our pets' emotions are tightly bound to our own. Without excess sentimentality, Houston offers proof that fickle humans are capable of learning a lesson or two in devotion, even if the teacher has four legs and bad breath."
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Pam Houston
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