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The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

The Sisters Brothers is set in 1851 during the Gold Rush. Eli and Charlie Sisters are brothers and hit men, assigned by their mysterious boss known as The Commodore to go to California and kill a prospector named Hermann Kermit Warm. Their story is narrated by Eli, the slower and more vulnerable of the brothers, as they traverse the old West in pursuit of their quest. Charlie is a violent, hard-drinking man, but Eli longs for something more fulfilling in life. They encounter duels, working girls, saloons, wagon trains, evildoers, and discover their ultimate goal is something almost magical. Patrick DeWitt's novel has received positive reviews with the Denver Post saying, "It doesn't take long for the reader to become invested in Eli - in his hopes, worries, questions and doubts. Charlie comes across as the more dangerous of the two, but this is Eli's story; given the chance, Charlie would certainly offer a different rendering of events. And though Charlie would argue with Eli's version of events, it is impossible for any to argue with the effect of Eli's quirky voice. He is a warm narrator telling a story that is original, entrancing and entertaining."
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Patrick DeWitt
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