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Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman

Skeleton Man, Tony Hillerman's 17th Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee novel, begins with a minor robbery that brings Leaphorn out of retirement to help a friend whose cousin is the prime suspect. The boy tried to swap a large diamond for a fraction of its worth and claims the diamond was given to him by an old white-haired stranger deep in the Grand Canyon. 50 years previously, a collision between two planes caused body parts to rain down over the Grand Canyon, including a man with an attache case of diamonds cuffed to his wrist. Leaphorn and Chee's investigation leads to a search for this man's remains. Also searching for the remains is the diamond dealer's daughter. Others will stop at nothing to make sure they aren't found. Skeleton Man has received positive reviews with the New York Times saying, "No wonder Hillerman's stories never grow old. Like myths, they keep evolving with the telling."
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Tony Hillerman
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