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Skeletons on the Zahara by Dean King

In 1815, the merchant ship Commerce ran aground off the west coast of Africa. Capt. James Riley and his crew of 11 men managed to make it to shore where they were captured by Arab nomads. The Bedouin despised white Christians and enslaved the shipwrecked sailors they found along the coast. Capt. Riley and his men were stripped of their possessions and treated as barely human as they were sold from tribe to tribe and forced through the unimaginable horrors of the Sahara, at times subsisting solely on goat entrails and camel urine. Skeletons on the Zahara details their treatment and ingenious plans to arrange their release. Dean King's book has received positive reviews with the New York Daily News saying, "King's tale of courage in the face of misery and misfortune makes Skeletons on the Zahara a consuming read."
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Dean King
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