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Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman

Skylight Confessions begins with 17-year old Arlyn Singer standing on the porch of her house on the day of her father's funeral and deciding that the next man who passes must be destined to be her husband. That man is John Moody, an architecture student who's gotten lost on the way to a party. Although dreamy, ethereal Arlyn is not a good fit for the practical, down-to-earth John Moody, they marry and move to the house John's father built. It's a house whose walls and ceilings are made from glass. It's not a happy marriage, and their son, Sam, is an anxious unhappy child, and their daughter, Blanca, likes just being left to herself. After Arlyn dies, John marries a neighbor, but he's haunted by a ghost he believes to be Arlyn. The only other person who can see the spirit is Meredith, who hires on as a nanny hoping to provide the loving presence his distant father and self-absorbed stepmother cannot provide. Alice Hoffman's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch saying, "A publicity blurb describes Skylight Confessions as haunting, and that's certainly accurate. Long after the last page is turned, the characters and their stories are impossible to forget."
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Alice Hoffman
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