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Sleep With Me by Joanna Briscoe

In Sleep With Me, Richard and Lelia are an engaged couple; he's a literary editor at a newspaper and she teaches French literature at a university. Into their lives comes Sylvie, a temptress who's perfected the sinister art of seduction, and she makes her move on both of them. Lelia has just become pregnant, and this untethers Richard's world. He revels in the moments he can steal with Sylvie, unaware that Lelia has her own indiscretions with her. Ghosts from the past accompanied by guilt and insecurities around sex allow Sylvie to expertly play them off against each other. Sleep With Me has received positive reviews with The Telegraph saying, "The language is characteristically erotic, sensuous, precise. Sleep With Me works in much the same way as an obsession, in its cumulative repetition of disturbing, oxymoronic images - 'a hot little ghost in the snow' - that creep insidiously into the mind and demand to be revisited; you wish to escape, but have already become addicted."
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Joanna Briscoe
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