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The Sleeper by Christopher Dickey

In The Sleeper, Christopher Dickey brings back the character of Kurt Kurtovic, who in his previous novel, Innocent Blood, was an Army Ranger in Bosnia who was recruited by Islamic Jihad to carry out a terrorist act on U.S. soil with a biological weapon. Kurtovic abandoned the plan, returned to the states, and at the beginning of The Sleeper, he's trying to live a peaceful life with a new wife and daughter. After 9/11, though, he's recruited to infiltrate his old terrorist connections and hunt them down and thwart their plans. Others, though, including some in the U.S., are interested in hastening Armageddon, and want the weapon that Kurtovic still has. Christopher Dickey's thriller has received mostly positive reviews with BookPage saying, "The Sleeper is a tense and persuasive thriller, timely as today's headlines, of a world in the throes of chaos and panic, and one man's efforts to restore some semblance of order."
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Christopher Dickey
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