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Song Yet Sung by James McBride

In Song Yet Sung, Liz Spocott is a slave who has run away from her sexually abusive master to the eastern shores of Maryland in the 1850s. Liz is captured by the notorious Patty Cannon, who uses her gang of both white and black men to track down runaway slaves for her own purposes. While chained together with 14 other slaves in Patty's attic, Liz learns coded sentences and clues called "the code" that lead to the Underground Railway. The other captives call Liz "The Dreamer" because of her prophecies of the future of the black race. Liz leads an escape from Patty's attic, heading off to the wild shores where the code guides her, but where any encounter with either white or black people could mean either redemption or betrayal. Patty Cannon, her reputation sullied, vows revenge. Liz's master doubles the stakes, luring a legendary slave catcher out of retirement to hunt her down also. James McBride's novel has received positive reviews with the Rocky Mountain News saying, "McBride borrows liberally from actual historical events and figures to fabricate this engrossing tale, and then emphasizes the implications of past actions by interspersing them with Liz's recurring nightmares of the future. His vivid descriptions of the tangled lands and waterscapes of the eastern shore create a claustrophobic sense of place - readers will extrapolate the need for a moral compass, as well as a literal one."
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James McBride
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