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Spook Country by William Gibson

In Spook Country, Hollis Henry was once a minor rock star and cult favorite, but she's working as a journalist at the beginning of this century. She's been hired by a magazine that's about to launch, but for some reason keeping a very low profile, to investigate Bobby Chombo, the producer of locative art (viewing historical happenings and contemporary artistic images in situ through virtual-reality devices). Chombo is more interested in a cargo container traveling through the South China Sea and soon disappears. In New York, Tito is a young man who speaks Russian and is working for a syndicate based out of Cuba. Milgrim is a drug addict supplied by a military intelligence officer who forces him to translate the Russian messages used by Tito's family. Milgrim, though, apparently has some information about a mysterious cargo container. William Gibson's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "Despite a full complement of thieves, pushers and pirates, Spook Country is less a conventional thriller than a devastatingly precise reflection of the American zeitgeist, and it bears comparison to the best work of Don DeLillo. Although he is a very different sort of writer, Gibson, like DeLillo, writes fiction that is powerfully attuned to the currents of dread, dismay and baffled fury that permeate our culture. Spook Country -- which is a beautifully multi-leveled title -- takes an unflinching look at that culture."
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William Gibson
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