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Stalin's Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith

Stalin's Ghost brings back Arkady Renko once again. He's the classic outsider, unliked even in the Moscow prosecutor's office. When people start seeing Stalin's ghost in a Moscow subway station, they see it as an excuse to get Arkady out of their hair. Arkady has also lost his girlfriend to a detective who's a veteran of the Chechen wars, and his investigation of the ghost sightings appears to be connected to a group of Chechen veterans. In a case that turn increasingly personal, Arkady must deal with conflicting parts of Russian life, from the new millionaires and throngs of poor of Putin's Russia to nationalists who yearn for a return to the Soviet days. Martin Cruz Smith's novel has received positive reviews with the Rocky Mountain News saying, "In his remarkable new tale, the history lessons are not dogmatic or strident but suspenseful and, unlike the majority of sequels you read and soon forget, utterly enthralling."
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Martin Cruz Smith
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