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Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

With Started Early, Took My Dog, Kate Atkinson brings back private investigator Jackson Brodie for the fourth time. He's been hired by an adoptee to find her birth parents, but he's also enjoying his time in rural parts of England. When he encounters a man abusing his dog, he attacks the man and takes the dog. Retired police officer Tracy Waterhouse sees a prostitute abusing a four-year-old girl, and in a moment of frustration and madness, buys the girl. Witnessing this transaction is Tilly, a soap opera actress suffering from moments of dementia. All their stories apparently are connected to a murder and missing child case from the 1970s. Kate Atkinson's novel has received positive reviews with the St. Petersburg Times saying, "She layers plots and time periods with consummate skill, creating novels that work like elegant jazz improvisations, taking us onto amazing yet believable paths that eventually weave together into an even more astonishing result. Each separate plot in Started Early, Took My Dog plays in its own way with the same themes: lost children, lost parents, found families. Themes as old as storytelling, but Atkinson, as always, brings something fresh to them."
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Kate Atkinson
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