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The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block

The Story of Forgetting follows two different storylines. On a Texas farm, an elderly and hunchbacked Abel Haggard fondly remembers his love for his brother's wife. His brother, though, suffers from early-onset Alzheimer's. In Austin, adolescent Seth Waller struggles with his mother who is also suffering early-onset Alzheimer's. He sets out to study the history of the gene that has afflicted his family. As Abel's and Seth's stories move to a common point, interwoven among them is the story of the alternate world of Isidora, a blissful place where memory doesn't matter. Stefan Merrill Block's debut novel has received positive reviews with the Austin Chronicle saying, "There are some excruciating passages detailing the slow, many deaths of the Alzheimer's patient (death of memory, death of motor function, and on and on), but Block's book isn't a relentless bummer. It's too funny, too inventive, too tender and finely written to be reduced to its tragic engine."
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Stefan Merrill Block
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