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The Story of You by Julie Myerson

In The Story of You, Rosy is devastated by the death of her young daughter and feeling distant from her partner, Tom. She becomes obsessed with an American boy from her past with whom she spend a passionate night kissing. Rosy and Tom take a trip to Paris in hopes of rekindling their romance, when Rosy goes for a walk and spies her old boyfriend in a cafe. They talk, but afterward she has doubts whether it really happened or not. When she returns to London, she finds an e-mail from him, although he doesn't mention being in Paris at all. They begin an intense online affair until he comes to London to consummate it. Rosy finds herself uncertain of everything, unsure whether to trust her memories, except for the ones of her baby snuggled into her arms. Julie Myerson's novel has received positive reviews with The Scotsman saying, "She steers her book by clear and powerful emotions. This is not a book to savour, but to devour for its emotional richness, the sweetness of its passion, the sharpness of its pain. You feel rather than think it, in a sense more physical than intellectual. Ghost story or not, it will haunt you to the last page."
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