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Sunset Park by Paul Auster

Sunset Park is set during the financial meltdown of 2008. Miles Heller is in his late twenties and is working in Florida cleaning out foreclosed homes. He has exiled himself from his family in New York because he feels responsible for the death of his stepbrother. His relationship with a 17-year-girl lands him in trouble and he returns to Brooklyn where he moves into an abandoned house with his friend Bing and two other women. None of them can afford to live anywhere else. They all struggle with the lives they wish to attain, but seem forever out of reach. Miles' father wishes for a reunion, while his publishing company struggles to stay in business. Reality invades for the four friends when the eviction notices begin to arrive. Paul Auster's novel has receive mixed reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "For my part, though, I found myself willing to play along, both with the ending and with the playful oddness of the book as a whole. Even if it is not ultimately a comforting vision, there is something deeply charming about Auster's quirky universe, in which one can never be sure whether chance and coincidence are genuinely meaningful or simply creating the appearance of meaning."
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Paul Auster
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