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Swing by Rupert Holmes

Swing is in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1940s. Jazz saxophonist and arranger Ray Sherwood arrives in town with the Jack Donovan Orchestra. Haunted by his past, Ray is intrigued when he's invited to Treasure Island to meet with a college woman, Gail Prentice, who wants help in orchestrating a piano piece she's written. Before he leaves the island, another woman he had met briefly that day apparently leaps to her death from a tower. Ray finds he's captivated by Gail Prentice as he helps with her musical piece, and he's slowly drawn into a world of secrets and danger that he may not be able to escape. Rupert Holmes is a composer, playwright, and novelist and he's included a CD of swing songs with this book that are supposed to contain additional clues to the mystery. Swing has received positive reviews with the San Jose Mercury News saying, "There is beauty and truth in how Holmes has written the story of Sherwood, and to tell it here would be to spoil Holmes' artistry and readers' enjoyment."
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Rupert Holmes
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