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Tabloid City by Pete Hamill

Tabloid City takes place in a 24-hour news day. At the center of the story is Sam Briscoe, editor of the tabloid New York World, a newspaper whose days are numbered. Just after midnight, he learns of the murder of a wealthy socialite and her secretary. The socialite was his lover. The story jumps from character to character, all tangentially related and showing different perspectives of New York City. It's a story that Briscoe wants to unravel, and it may the last one he publishes. Pete Hamill's novel has received mostly positive reviews with saying, "Pete Hamill captures the tough fatalism of New York. Wars and murders and thieves and Depressions and Great Recessions and nitwits with bombs may come and go. The city is always on the brink of apocalypse, always going to hell. But it never gets there because somewhere on some street, there is a guy doing the mambo by himself at 2AM. This is a city that can never be destroyed by stupidity. It is too alive for that. Hamill has written a masterpiece called Tabloid City. Do yourself a favor and read it. You will not be disappointed."
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Pete Hamill
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