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Tamburlaine Must Die by Louise Welsh

Tamburlaine Must Die is Louise Welsh's imagining of the last days of Christopher Marlowe's life in 1593. Someone writing in Marlowe's style and calling himself Tamburlaine (a hero in Marlowe's play) has published a libelous and heretical pamplet. Marlowe is called before the Privy Council to account for it and he protests his innocence. He suspects the actor who played Tamburlaine or perhaps a fellow playwright. He gets caught in a web of intrigue, plots, and counterplots, eventually leading to his murder, still unsolved to this day. Tamburlaine Must Die is only a novella, but is a fanciful thriller about a unsolved mystery and a 16th-century period piece. It's received mostly positive reviews with the Telegraph saying, "All I can say is that, as a thriller, her book is utterly engrossing. I read it in a sitting, unable to put it down. Elizabethan England has never seemed more beguilingly immediate."
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Louise Welsh
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