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The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

In The Tenth Circle, Daniel Stone is a stay-at-home father and graphic artist who dotes on his 14-year old daughter. Even his family is unaware of much of past as the only white boy in an Eskimo village and the rage he's buried inside because of it. His current comic book has a rage-filled hero who searches the circles of hell for his daughter. His unfaithful wife teaches Dante's Inferno, at the local college. When his daughter, Trixie, goes to a party and comes home with accusations of date rape against the boy who is a school hockey star and her ex-boyfriend, he may have to become his comic book hero to rescue his daughter from the social hell that may await her. Jodi Picoult's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Rocky Mountain News saying, "The Tenth Circle is impressive on many levels. Picoult takes a deep, dark look at the tragedy of date rape. She depicts a family's descent into hell, illustrated by the levels of hell in Dante's masterpiece, the Inferno. And she incorporates a graphic novel into her work, reflecting her protagonist's talent and his epic struggles. Put it all together and you have a remarkable achievement and a great read."
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Jodi Picoult
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