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They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace Vietnam and America October 1967 by David Maraniss

They Marched Into Sunlight tells the story of two different battles fought at the same time in 1967, but half a world away from each other. Just north of Saigon, the Black Lions, a renowned battalion of the First Infantry Division, marches into an ambush that would leave 61 soldiers dead. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a violent protest breaks out over a recruiter from Dow Chemical (makers of napalm and Agent Orange) being on campus. Both events help usher in a new era, of war protests at home and the war falling apart overseas. The reactions to these events, overreaction in Madison and a denial of the ambush in Washington, further illustrate the divisions and denial between the different cultures. David Maraniss has written a book that evokes the conflicts and emotions of the era. They Marched Into Sunlight has received high praise. The New York Times says, "This is a book that takes familiar chapters in recent history and turns them into something we have not seen before."
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David Maraniss
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