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Thursbitch by Alan Garner

In 1755, Jack Turner is found frozen to death near his home in Thurbitch Valley, a woman's single footprint found beside him. 250 years later, Ian and Sal think they see and hear Jack Turner, in that valley where Ian finds old stones and buildings that aren't on any map. His global positioning system tells him he's really somewhere else. Sal is dying of a degenerative disease and the two of them find themself thrust into an ancient story of the moors. Alan Garner's novel is filled with ancient myths, history, and folk tales. The Independent says of Thursbitch, "Sometimes the experience of reading is so overwhelming that, after closing the book, it remains more real than anything around one. The world seems flat, hazy, abstracted, for hours or days. As a child, for me as for many, that was a common feeling. As one ages, it seems to become ever rarer. Thursbitch, with all its difficult poetry, gives it back again."
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