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The Time In Between by David Bergen

In The Time In Between, Charles Boatman is a Vietnam veteran in the Pacific Northwest who is still suffering depression, night terrors and panic attacks decades after his service in the war. When he reads a book by a North Vietnamese soldier whose experiences seem to mirror his own, he goes to Vietnam and disappears soon after. Two of his adult children, Ada and Jon, head to Danang to search for their father and try to understand the inscrutable country which has had such an effect on him. They find Vietnam to be a haunting and beautiful country. Jon soon decides his father must be dead and decides to enjoy the social life offered him there. Ada continues to chase any clue that might lead to her father, and begins to unravel under the emotional strain. Like her father, she finds herself drawn further into the country and unsure who is friend or foe. David Bergen's fourth novel has won the 2005 Giller Prize. The Christian Science Monitor says, "As Kurt Vonnegut's memorable Slaughterhouse-Five did so brilliantly with the impact of World War II, Bergen's book lives and breathes the Vietnam experience."
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Winner of the 2005 Giller Prize

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David Bergen
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