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Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro

Too Much Happiness is another short story collection from Alice Munro, who has recently won the Man Booker International Prize for a lifetime mastery of short stories. The title story from this collection revolves around Sophia Kovalevsky, a 19th-century Russian mathematician at the peak of her professional and personal life who finds too much happiness is something that cannot be maintained. "Deep Holes" tells the story of a geologist's son who falls into a deep hole, and even though he's saved by his father, the event unsettles him for the rest of his life. "Dimensions" tells the story of a woman who continues to visit her husband in a mental institution after he kills their children. "Free Radicals" concerns a widow who is dying of cancer but fights for her life when her home is invaded. Too Much Happiness has received positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "Her canvas may be small, but her brush strokes are fine, her vision encompasses humanity from its most generous to its most corrupt, and the effect is nothing short of masterful. Let's hope she has many more stories in her."
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Alice Munro
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