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Translation Nation: Defining a New American Identity in the Spanish-Speaking United States by Hector Tobar

In Translation Nation, Hector Tobar travels back and forth across the United States, visiting and interviewing Hispanic immigrant communities that have emerged, sometimes in unexpected places. Many of these communities were formed by illegal immigrants arriving in an area where jobs could be found, and at times they were bused to these places which specifically wanted cheap, illegal labor. Years later, Hispanic communities have evolved and become a fixture in a place where they were once unwanted or exploited. By telling his own story as well as theirs, he gives an account of what it's like to live as a member of the largest minority in the United States, the misunderstanding and bigotry that often accompanies it, and the changes it forces on the country they now call home. Translation Nation has received mixed reviews with the New York Times saying, "Tobar's life, and the life of a Spanish-speaking United States, contain the paradoxical story of the American dream -- pockmarked by the realities of racism and economic exploitation -- that transforms its aspirants and is in turn transformed by them."
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Hector Tobar
Hector Tobar
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