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Trespass by Valerie Martin

Trespass begins with Chloe Dales going to lunch with her son, Toby, and his new girlfriend, Salome, a dark, sensual Croatian immigrant. Chloe's life should be content. She's an award-winning illustrator (working on engravings for Wuthering Heights), her husband is a history professor working on a book about the Crusades, and Toby is off to college. Chloe's world is upset by Salome, whom she considers an interloper into her family's tight circle, and by a hunter poaching on their land in the Catskills. As the hunter's shots interrupt her tranquil world, Salome's mysterious past threatens to undermine the family's tranquility. Toby, though, is becoming increasingly serious about Salome and his father is encouraging him. Valerie Martin's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "Trespass provides a searing commentary on the human desire to set boundary lines against threats, perceived and real. It's a testament to Martin's skill as both storyteller and writer that her complex characters defy separation into two camps - those who accept and those who judge. Nothing in Trespass is quite as it seems, and that is precisely the point."
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Valerie Martin
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