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True North by Jim Harrison

David Burkett, the protagonist of Jim Harrison's True North, is the fourth generation of a timber and mining family to be christened with the same name. The Burketts have plundered and denuded the Upper Peninsula of Michigan over the years, and David feels the need to purge himself of the family's crimes by chronicling their excesses. His father is a brutish molester of young girls and his mother is a hopeless alcholic. Bereft of paternal guidance, David befriends two men who work for the family, one Mexican and one Indian, who provide him the male role figures he desires. Using the family wealth, he traipses around the world in search of the truths that will bring meaning to his life. Eventually, though, David must confront the monster in his life, his own father. Jim Harrison (author of Legends of the Fall) is usually compared to Hemingway with his tales of strong men living an embittered life and True North has received generally positive reviews, with some misgivings. says of Harrison, "his brawny prose cuts to the heart with clear-eyed insight into the prickly process of creating one's self."
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Jim Harrison
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