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Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante

In Turn of Mind, Dr. Jennifer White is a 65-year-old surgeon who is the prime suspect in the murder of Amanda O'Toole, her neighbor and best friend. Jennifer, though, suffers from Alzheimer's, so she's not sure of her own innocence or guilt. There are others who had motives to kill Amanda. If Jennifer is not the murderer, then someone is doing a good job framing her for the crime. Jennifer's slipping mental faculties means she'll never understand the truth behind her best friend's death. Alice LaPlante's debut novel has received positive reviews with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch saying, "The idea of a narrator with Alzheimer's is a daring one, and LaPlante is certain in her footing - the verisimilitude here is unnerving. Weaving the existential mystery of dementia with the contrived mystery of a murder plot, she takes us into a world of gauzy shadows and scattered puzzle pieces. LaPlante makes sure that we fully understand the whole story at the end - by which time the narrator understands very little indeed. The solution to the mystery is a little awkward, perhaps a little amateurish - but the way in which it is revealed is remarkable."
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Alice LaPlante
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