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Until I Find You by John Irving

The central character in Until I Find You is Jack Burns, and he narrates his life story. His mother is a tattoo artist in Toronto, and as a young boy, they take off to Europe for a while in a quest to find his father, William, a church organist with a tattooed body. After giving up the search, they return to Toronto and Jack is enrolled in a private school that had been an all-girls school. While there, Jack learns acting (in female roles), wrestling, and his attraction to older women, including Emma who will be his friend for decades. After prep school and college in New Hampshire, Jack leaves for Hollywood, leaving behind his mother who is having an affair with Emma's mother. Jack continues his success with acting and older women, but finds that he doesn't know who he is. As he searches for the truth about his father, he finds he doesn't know the truth about his mother, and it's a search ultimately destined to find himself. John Irving's eleventh novel has received mixed reviews with the Chicago Sun-Times saying, "All in all, this is a wonderfully thought-provoking book. Despite its length and heft (I was afraid of dropping it on my foot), its artistry is so compelling that I'm considering reading it again."
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John Irving
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