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The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits

In The Vanishers, Julia Severn is a student at a school for psychics in New Hampshire. Her mentor, Madame Ackermann, becomes jealous of Julia's psychic ability, which far outstrips her own. Madame Ackermann launches a psychic attack on Julia that cripples her. Julia leaves the school, but others have taken notice of her power. She's hired to find a mysterious artist, who might have a connection to Julia's mother, who committed suicide when Julia was an infant. Julia uses all of her abilities to try to understand the circumstances of her mother's death. Heidi Julavits' has received positive reviews with BookPage saying, "More than a metaphysical mystery, at its core The Vanishers is a stunningly candid examination of the dark side of grief, female rivalries and the critical bond between mothers and daughters. Countless books have already been written on these topics, but by straddling the line between the otherworldly and harsh reality, Julavits manages to take mainstream notions and transform them into something truly unique."
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Heidi Julavits
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