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Waiting for Sunrise by William Boyd

Waiting for Sunrise begins in 1913 when young English actor Lysander Ulrich Rief goes to Vienna in hopes of curing his anorgasmia with the new science of psychoanalysis. His sexual problems are solved when he meets Hettie Bull, who seduces him and begins a torrid affair with him, only to accuse him of rape. British diplomats help him escape from Austria and flee back to England, where he looks to resume his life. The eruption of war undoes his plans when the same diplomats who aided in his escape come to call in their favor. Lysander is asked to use his acting skills to ferret out a mole among British spies. As his new career takes him around Europe, the events that happened in Vienna keep coming back to haunt him. William Boyd's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Toronto Globe and Mail saying, "This is a terrific yarn, but it's also a complex work full of telling detail and rich in allusions literary, mythical and psychological."
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William Boyd
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