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The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next is back again! In The Well of Lost Plots, Thursday continues her apprenticeship at BookWorld and is sent to the Well, where fiction is created. She enters "Caversham Heights," an unpublished mystery where they try to fix the cliche-ridden storyline. She continues searching for her husband, Landen Park-Laine, who may or may not exist. Jurisfiction agents start dying. Is the Mispeling Vyrus behind it? More literary allusions, puns, and abundant absurdity run rampant through The Well of Lost Plots. The Sydney Morning Herald says, "Newcomers to this inspired lunacy would do well to read the first two books . . . to fully appreciate what Fforde has achieved. For the Thursday Next books are, to paraphrase The Independent, silly books for smart people."
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Jasper Fforde
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