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The Western Limit Of The World by David Masiel

In The Western Limit Of The World, Harold Snow is a 59-year old World War II veteran who has lived a rough life at sea, and is now boatswain and senior crew member on the Tarshish, a decrepit tanker with a caustic mix of dangerous chemicals. Snow and the violent first mate, Bracelin, have concocted a scheme to profit from the chemicals, if they can unload them in any port. The crew includes a young woman whom Snow desperately loves and whose boyfriend he pretends to be to protect her from the rest of the crew. It also includes a young man who is the grandson of Snow's old friend and who starts sleeping with the young woman. They're initially refused entrance to San Francisco Harbor, and as they work their way down the Pacific coast, through the Panama Canal, and off to Africa in search of a port that will accept them, Snow must keep both the leaky boat and rising tensions among the crew from coming apart from underneath them. The Western Limit Of The World has received positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "That's a risky proposition for soul and body even if you're not trapped on a sinking tanker full of poisonous chemicals with a double-crossing, neck-snapping partner, but Masiel knows how to make Snow's calamitous journey sound moving and frighteningly believable."
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David Masiel
David Masiel
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