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When the Killing's Done by T. C. Boyle

When the Killing's Done is set in the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. They are a national park with a unique ecosystem under threat by invasive species, including rats and feral pigs. Alma Takesue, whose grandmother survived a shipwreck by making it safely to one of the islands, is the biologist leading the effort to restore the islands to their original ecosystem. Doing his best to thwart her at every turn is Dave LaJoy, a wealthy animal rights zealot who believes that man should not be choosing one life form over another in any environment. The level of violence escalates with each of their conflicts, while Mother Nature warns that she hold mighty power in her hands too. T. C. Boyle's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "When the Killing's Done presents a smarter, sharper vision of our environmental challenges than his doomsday novel, A Friend of the Earth. By corralling all these pigs, rats, dwarf foxes, golden eagles and human beings into one stormy tale, he's created a raucous exploration of the clumsy role that even the best-intentioned people play in these fragile environs."
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T. C. Boyle
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